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Urban Farm - Facilitator: David Kahn

The St. Catherine’s Adolescent Faculty states, “We are inspired as we see the adolescents building their own community on this property and are certain that we are providing them with the most authentic prepared environment possible (down town open space for Japhet Creek Experiment.) Our Deep Dive through theory and actual observation  asks --is this true?    


Key Question:

Can Montessori middle school urban farming serve as a source of optimal engagement on the land as described in Montessori’s books (in relation to developmental outcomes for young adolescents with a strong sense of social justice)?


1.       What are the developmental advantages of a land based program right outside the classroom door (no commuting to the farm)?

2.       What human tendencies do we look for on the land and how do they compare to historic farm settlements and pre-historic humans experiences of human tendencies through time and space?

3.       How does the Jahphet Creek location contiguous to two diverse neighborhoods appeal to the sensitive period for social justice?

4.       What needs and characteristics of a small adolescent community arise from the prepared environment of Japhet Creek?

5.       What is the description of normality and needs and tendencies as manifest in the right work? 

6.       How does one find a personal path to  social practice with land-based projects through interpersonal engagement, finding normality and group flow?

7.       What are the merits of urban gardening for a garden to kitchen life experience?