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Work/Engagement - Facilitator: Laurie Ewert-Krocker

In this Deep Dive conversation we will look at the topic of "work"—what we mean by “work” and what Montessori’s ideas about work are.  We will ask, "What is the work of the third plane? What makes the work purposeful in the eyes of the adolescent? What are the conditions in the environment that invite engagement in that work and sustain the adolescent's focus and intention? How does choice play a role in work?  What do adolescents themselves consider to be “work?" How do adolescents choose or immerse themselves in that work? What is individual work, and what is collective work? Does work emerge spontaneously or is it elicited through social organization? What is its relationship to social responsibility? It will be important to address the nature of "work" from a Montessori perspective as the developmental imperative of the human organism for this stage of life. We will cull our collective observations over time, from various program situations and settings, and try to understand what third plane developmental “work” looks like and the components in the prepared environment that elicit the "right kind of work."

For information or to participate: contact Laurie