Amsterdam Colloquium - Assemblies

There will be two simultaneous assemblies to best serve all interested participants!

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Assembly 1: Adolescent Essentials

Open to all participants!

Are you newer to the 3rd plane? Perhaps you have wanted to get your Orientation to Adolescent Studies? Maybe you saw the Intro Workshop and wanted to attend?

Then the Essentials Assembly is for you.

This assembly will focus on an overview of the 3rd plane, such as

  • what is the 3rd plane of development;

  • what did Dr. Montessori intend for adolescent education;

  • what is covered during the 5-week Orientation to Adolescent Studies;

  • how to join a network of adolescent practitioners;

  • what opportunities are available for 3rd plane training & workshops.




Assembly 2: Deep Dive

Experienced Practitioners!

Have you been practicing in the Montessori adolescent environment for more than 5 years? Maybe you’ve received your Orientation to Adolescent Studies? Are you well-read on Dr. Montessori’s theory of the 3rd plane?

If this is the case, then the Deep Dive Assembly is right for you.

The Deep Dive Assembly will look into specific areas within the 3rd plane. This assembly will include

  • Presentation of deep dives

  • Break-outs into collaborative work groups


amsterdam colloquium

What is the Amsterdam Colloquium?

Just prior to the AMI Annual General Meeting in Amsterdam, there will be a gathering of adolescent practitioners and experts convening to discuss optimal practices of Montessori education for the adolescent.

The Colloquium will take place on April 4 & 5 (Thursday & Friday) with an optional welcome reception on the evening of Wednesday, April 3.

What is the goal of the Adolescent Colloquia?

The colloquia (Denver, Oct 2018 & Amsterdam, Apr 2019) will contribute to the creation of

(1) an Implementation Toolkit for the third plane, offering curriculum frameworks for the third plane and advising new programs on how to get started; and,

(2) an AMI Adolescent Diploma Training.


"Free the Child's potential and you will transform him into the world."

What will be the format of the diploma training?

The AMI Adolescent Diploma Training will be offered beginning in the summer of 2020. The training will be offered in a two-summer format. The first summer will be modeled on the current Orientation to Adolescent Studies, providing a theoretical and practical foundation for the work at the adolescent level. The second summer will provide deeper practical exploration of theory and subject learning.

But I already completed my Orientation to Adolescent Studies. Is my certificate still valid?

Yes! Alumni of the Orientation will have the option to apply their Orientation certificate to the first summer of the diploma training, and register just for the second summer in order to earn an AMI adolescent diploma.  


What is the cost to attend the Amsterdam Colloquium?

It is FREE to attend this workshop. Lunch will be provided to participants on Thursday and Friday. Other meals, transportation, and lodging are the responsibility of the participant.

Who Can (and Should) Attend?

All adolescent practitioners are welcome to join the Colloquia. Included in the agenda will be presentations on the deep dives and work groups where collaboration among all attendees will take place.