Adolescent Initiative

(What is it?)



The Adolescent Initiative is a process; a thorough study of what current practices are being implemented in today's classrooms...INCLUDING YOURS! 

The goal of this initiative is to conduct a thorough study and review of the development of the Montessori adolescent orientation to prepare Montessori teachers for the third plane of development.  The project will include a review of the evolution of the “adolescent movement” from its beginnings with the first adolescent colloquium in 1998 to the current NAMTA Orientation to Adolescent Studies. 

Through surveys of current adolescent programs, assessment of current teacher preparation, site visits, deep dive events and colloquia, the initiative will develop frameworks for ideal learning environments for adolescents.  This research will inform the development of “toolkits” for schools as they implement 12-15 and 15-18 Montessori programs.

Special attention will be paid to the development of the course of studies and programs from the early adolescent (12 to 15) to the second sub-plane (15-18). 

Based upon this initial research and review of the adolescent orientation, the initiative will establish an AMI diploma course.

Concurrently, the initiative will establish requirements and guidelines for identifying and training additional lecturers and trainers for trainers at the adolescent level.

The initiative will be led by an Executive Study Team with a Steering Committee, from AMI, which will act as an advisory and pedagogical review board.

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Initiative Objectives

Objective 1

Explore and identify the most current and relevant understanding of the adolescent psychology and learning with an emphasis on Universal essential elements/keys/frameworks of adolescent Montessori environments

Organize knowledge into implementation “toolkits” or “stimulus” packages to be used by new and existing schools and graduates as the basis for creating new and exciting optimal learning environments.

Objective 2

Develop an AMI Adolescent Diploma Training course based on knowledge and learning from the past Adolescent Orientations, the needs of preparing adults for the environment identified in Objective 1 and built around current  understanding of brain science, cultural relevance and adolescent psychology.

Objective 3

Articulate and develop clear pathway(s) for experienced educators to become trainers/specialist/lecturers/presenters.

The Process

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The Initiative will use a combination of Deep Dives, Surveys, Site Visits and Colloquia to develop the best practices of Adolescent Montessori Education.   

Deep Dives:  Deep Dive retreats are based around a single topic which is integral to the 3rd Plane experience.  If you are interested in upcoming Deep Dives, look at our upcoming events page and reach out to the EST member facilitating.

Surveys: Surveys are being used to gather data about schools, structures, practices and demand.

Colloquia:  The Adolescent Colloquia is a gathering of adolescent practitioners cooperatively working to develop the deepest understanding of the needs and characteristics of the adolescent and, therefore, the optimal practices of Adolescent Montessori education for the third plane in consult with experts in relevant disciplines.

Be involved in the evolution of Montessori Adolescent education and teacher training!


Ways to be involved:

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One of the keys to this project is to gather data about schools, structures, practices and demand.

Please fill out this survey about the ins and outs of your school workings. It's a bit long and in depth, but all results will be shared (without identifying information) and will be an integral part of this project.



The Initiative is hosting colloquia in order to bring thoughtful and practical minds together to tackle the big issues and areas in design.

Upcoming 2019 Colloquia:
Amsterdam:  April 2-5, 2019

US City TBD: Fall 2019