Great news!

There’s been so much interest in this gathering of adolescent practitioners prior to the AGM, that we have decided to create two assemblies to best serve all interested participants!


Assembly 1: Adolescent Essentials

Are you newer to the 3rd plane? Perhaps you have wanted to get your Orientation to Adolescent Studies? Maybe you saw the Intro Workshop and wanted to attend that? Then the Essentials Assembly is for you.

This assembly will focus on an overview of the 3rd plane. Topics that would be covered include…

·        what is the 3rd plane of development;

·        what did Dr. Montessori intend for adolescent education;

·        what is covered during the 5-week Orientation to Adolescent Studies;

·        how to join a network of adolescent practitioners;

·        what opportunities are available for 3rd plane training & workshops.

How do you know if this is the assembly for you? Answer these questions.


Assembly 2: Adolescent-Trained Cohort

Have you been practicing in the Montessori adolescent environment for more than 5 years? Maybe you’ve received your Orientation to Adolescent Studies? Are you well-read on Dr. Montessori’s theory of the 3rd plane? If this is the case, then the Cohort Assembly is right for you.

The Cohort Assembly will dive into specific areas within the 3rd plane. This assembly will include

·        Presentation of deep dives

·        Break outs into collaborative work groups

How do you know if you should join the Cohort Assembly? Answer these questions.