Deep Dive on "Ideal Outcomes of a Montessori Graduate"

Montessori Deep Dive Executive Summary

     Outcomes of a Montessori Graduate

Cleveland, March 23-25, 2018

Summary by Michael Waski

What does this work represent?  Through our observations, readings of Montessori, experience with adolescence both through observation and in speaking with them and having them be reflective while they are in adolescence, and further in speaking to graduates in both the fourth plane of development and beyond, these are some of the most outstanding and universal attributes of a Montessori adolescent education.  

If our methodology in years 12-18 foster the development of these ideals, we should see growth in these areas throughout their adolescent years, though many of these ideals will not be fully realized until adulthood and maturity.  We should also focus our program elements on helping to develop the natural growth that is happening in these years and assist nature with its goals of the adolescent phase. 

We have also identified some essential tools which we use to create a prepared environment in order to help the students.

Also, the list is a continuation of developmental aspects which may be indirectly prepared for during the primary and elementary years, but which are now have prepared for more directly.

Outcomes - From Observations of Practitioners

The realization of one’s own value born into consciousness...p.87 CtA

  • Capable of Self Assessment

  • Knows what they find fulfilling

  • Contributor to family/ community/ world

  • Demonstrates competency navigating adult world

  • Understands their position in a global context

  • Socially and morally conscious

  • Ability to make healthy sexual and relationship choices

  • Understands diversity

  • Has a growth mindset

  • Is friendly with error

  • Has developed a will

  • Has a sense of self efficacy/ awareness of one’s own capacity

  • Has a healthy curiosity about the world

  • Appreciates and understands the human progress and the building up of civilization

  • Is in awe of human intellectual endeavors

  • Respectful of the evolution of human intellect

  • Recognizes the nobility of human endeavors

  • Appreciates the heroic nature of the human spirit

  • Safe and healthy choices including strategies for mental health


ATTRIBUTES OF A MONTESSORI GRADUATE (As informed by interviews with graduates)

  • Self-reflective

  • Adaptable

  • Independent Self/Directed

  • Metacognitive

  • Confident

  • Comfortable with the adult world

  • Self advocate / Self disciplined

  • Belief in limitless potential

  • Respectful of the learning process/Personal/Quality

  • Responsible/ Sense of Duty and Honor/Service/Citizenship

  • Collaborative

  • Ability to critically evaluate the world

  • Ability to work with increasingly abstract knowledge

  • Curious

  • Demonstrates a Strong Work Ethic

  • Comfort with Error/Failure

  • Empathetic/Humble

  • Compassionate

  • Joyful


  • Side by side work, Intimate with adults


  • Engaging students as young adults

  • Opportunities to create learning opportunities

  • Opportunities for authentic student voice

  • Seminar, Socratic dialogue

  • Learning through the disciplines

  • Exposure to the adult community beyond the school

  • Provide Environments that promote living in experienced interdependence (community)

  • Purposeful work (authentic)

  • Interactions and exchange with outside adults

  • Care of the environment